Our Story

Be Free Organics is our dream for helping people that was formed by us (Caillan and Alessia) in 2018.

We are two 26 year old’s that are passionate about making your world a better place.

Our lives were turned upside down in 2017 through the most unfortunate circumstances which so many people have experienced, cancer of a loved one… This caused us to completely change our lives and gave us the determination to make a positive difference in our lives and others.

A family member was diagnosed with a grade IV incurable and inoperable GBM brain tumor. The doctors said that there was nothing that could be done to fix this. We could not accept this so we put our normal lives on hold and spent every moment of the next 8 months dedicated to doing everything that we could to stop this terrible disease.

After speaking and reading about people who had battled cancer with nutrition after traditional medicine had given up on them, we witnessed the phenomena first hand of how big an impact the correct nutrients can make on even the worst disease.

Everybody we spoke to including world renown Dr. Sherry Rogers said that only organic foods should be given to people with cancer to improve their chances of beating it. This made us wonder, why don’t we eat organic all the time to help prevent this terrible disease in the first place?
Perth did not have enough organic meals that were affordable, convenient, nutritious and delicious.

This is how Be Free Organics was born! We want people to be more educated about the benefits of nutrition and for healthy organic plants to be the main focus of everyone’s meals.